Coming Home

Our group started getting smaller on Friday when one member stayed in Manila while the rest of us headed to Seoul.  Early Monday morning, one member had to leave an hour earlier than the rest of us….then we were a team of 4, navigating the Seoul airport….my bags were searched and then rescanned…all of our bags (all passengers) were inspected again just before we boarded the plane…bless Kit’s heart, she was pulled aside for an additional pat-down…but her positive attitude kept us happy.  We all agreed that with the latest overseas embassy attacks, we don’t mind being searched.   Upon arrival in Atlanta after a 14 hour flight, we waited for Customs, immigration, bag check and bag transfer, then security. We took the train to our gates ..Kit, Bobbi and Meredith’s flights departed from a different gate than mine, so we waved goodbye as the train left the station.  My flight was on time, but slow to load because of a delay for our flight attendants’ prior flight.  I smiled when the announcer said, “ladies and gentlemen, we’re missing a flight attendant and will begin boarding soon.”. I said aloud, “is she hiding under the seats?”. And a nearby passenger awaiting a different flight erupted into laughter.  At that moment, I thought, it’s good to be on home soil, a stranger caught the joke. 

A few moments later, that same passenger said, “holy cow, it’s pouring down rain.”. I said, “planes have windshield wipers”. He asked, “aren’t you scared?”. I said, “no.  All is well.  We left Korea in worse weather and a typhoon headed toward us.”. He said, “but the runway is slick and cars hydroplane”. I said, “that’s the difference between cars and planes.  God made planes with wings to fly.”.

His tension eased and when I turned around, he was gone. 

I slept on the flight to Charlotte and saw my checked bag on the conveyor belt with no problem.  Jim picked me up a few moments later and we headed home.  I slept like a rock for 3 hours, had a bite to eat and then slept again…hopefully, around 2 a.m., I’ll get sleepy again. 

Thank you again for all of your thoughts, prayers and kind comments.  It has been a joy to share our Ubuntu Journey to the Philippines with you.  More pictures will be posted as they are made available and as we each continue the mission outreach with our sisters in the Philippines. 

If you are interested in being part of the 2013 journeys to Chile, South Korea or Zimbabwe, please go to the United Methodist Women’s Division home page and search Ubuntu.

May you continue to be a blessing to others. 

Janet Morgan
Western North Carolina Conference
Ubuntu Philippines 2012


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